THE FORECASTS. 21century.
      1. Change paradigm about essence outer space.
I offer your attention the new concept of understanding of a structure of our material world. Our world - material it(he) consists of an actually matter (substance, wave, field, radiation) and initial product - energy (emptiness, of physical vacuum).Into our material world we can observe transformation of energy into a matter. The formula A.Einstein should be understood literally:
  from huge quantity(amount) of emptiness the small quantity(amount) of a matter turns out, and the square of speed of light is factor proportional.
 The example of the given transformation can be served by(with) any star,
Including our Sun.
      the material world represents a mix of emptiness and matter, and is characterized by a spatial size - parity between these composition or concentration. This size is changeable in time and space and explains all physical processes of the material world.
      In the future, it is necessary to learn to operate by this process, you see the material component of our world is necessary only for mankind. We practically nothing know about properties of emptiness and we do not use her(it) in the needs. For example emptiness supersolid, and use of this property for space communication(connection) does(makes) an opportunity of instant message transfer. Really to decide(solve) a problem materiality and non-materiality at moving in space. If to accept, that the alive nature develops from emptiness, the food problem can be decided(solved) by development of synthesis
Fiber and other product.
      Time - characterizes speed of transformation of energy in a matter.
Thus, it is possible to influence a course of time, changing speed of transformation of emptiness in a matter. These experiences put A.N.Kozirev the astronomer from Pulkovo observatory.
      Proceeding from offered paradigm it is possible to explain and to understand
Practically all processes in our material world. For balance outer space it is necessary to find a source of updating
Or transformation of a matter into energy. Let's assume, that it " black
Holes ".
2. Moving in installed.
The first postulate for change of judgement about ways of moving in space is, that installed goes. Let's recollect work Kopernik: " About rotation of heavenly spheres " To us it is necessary to learn to pass in a condition of rest (relative).
For simplicity of understanding we shall consider an example of movement track of the tank or tractor. Track, that are on ground, are motionless concerning ground and make it possible to carry out transition in both directions without problems.
Using this example for installed, it is necessary to consider(examine) a special case for WHEEL. Must to be points of contact of heavenly spheres, where the speed is equal to zero and where probably to carry out transition in other sphere, thus essentual,one must to extinguish speed up to zero. After transition your former sphere will be carried away with huge speed. Carrying out set of similar transitions, you can
To travel on energy, installed without expenses, in old understanding of this word. It is necessary to learn to transform inertia, i.e. absorb its(her) surplus and to radiate it(him) in an environment. This task is incomparably easier, than to carry with itself huge stocks of fuel. It is quite probable, that this method use observable
On the Earth UFO.It is very similar actions.
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